My Direct-Marketing Network

Having spent all of my adult life associated with my favorite MLM company, selecting a direct marketing network was far more important than the direct marketing services or products themselves. I valued the relationships with the people I worked with far more than the income itself. We connected because our passion to share products that were safe for people, as well as the environment, reflected the true nature of our collective character.

My search began not with a direct marketing company, but with a direct marketing consultant. Comparing one consultant’s direct marketing strategy with another is easier with the internet. The key for me personally was isolating those who were pitching a product, as opposed to those who expressed genuine concern for people who wanted to do direct marketing from home. After all, I’d grown up with the crowd who cared.

I was convinced that the character of the direct marketing network, would reflect the values of the individual members. Much like the interview process for someone looking to join my network, I needed to discover the answers to some important questions before joining.

o Do the leaders invest themselves into the success of others?
o How patient are they with people who’ve never owned a business before?
o Are they easily offended by criticism?

From the perspective of someone who struggled their entire lives to take care of a family, the ordinary person turned millionaire, can be intimidating. Regardless of how genuine they may seem, to a mind collecting this data for the first time, they represent a lottery winner. Although they give the credit to their direct marketing solution, making the connection between something we’ve never heard of, and millions of dollars, is tough to digest. All the assurance in the world that we can do it doesn’t help.

Not until we’re told that someone with talents and abilities we don’t posses, is willing to invest their time and wisdom to help us, do we begin to relate. We’re aware of our shortcomings and they’ve likely kept us from investing in a direct marketing business.

When someone else can clearly identify these weaknesses, and offer practical steps to either overcome them, or work with them, they epitomize true selflessness. A selfish person has no time, or worse still, doesn’t consider it worth their time to exercise such a notion. The selfless person belongs in the network marketing arena, and always succeeds. Unfortunately the selfish person has been known to succeed in the corporate world where they can capitalize on the less capable business owner.

As equally telling are the defense mechanisms employed by these two opposites. The selfish person cannot endure even the slightest attack upon their name or behavior. Arrogance knows no better companion. I’ve worked with and under such people but would never consider involving myself in business with them.

In contrast the selfless individual demonstrates true commitment to a set of ideals which includes helping others to succeed. Provided they’ve done nothing wrong, most criticism will go unanswered. They’re always willing to apologize if they are at fault, and typically outgoing in their efforts to make amends. Like sturdy ships through choppy waters, self assured and confident, they lead by example, and inspire everyone they know.

Finding people committed to integrity, is more valuable than finding the perfect direct marketing business opportunity on the planet. Discernment clearly separates them from the crowd that screams at you to jump on the next best thing. They even make the prospect of becoming a millionaire more appealing.

I’m very fortunate in my current direct marketing network. My investigation couldn’t have prepared me for the caliber people I’ve been privileged to deal with. I never expected to enter into this association knowing everything about this network. However, everything I’ve experienced so far, has confirmed my expectations were within reason, especially when the people in my network continually exceed my expectations.